Friday, November 4, 2011


This drawing has a new home with the lucky lady Irum Javed.  I hope you two are happy together...

Also I thought I should post a list of qualifications I have as an employee that I may have not included in the resumes and cover letters and work histories and CVs and medical records and IQ tests that I have submitted to various businesses that have not called me back...

1.  I am extremely skilled at drawing semi-nude and nude male celebrities.  I do not draw female nude celebrities because that would be weird.

2.  I have immense amount of talent for organizing files filled with screen shots of television commercials that come on after midnight.

3.  I can walk the shit out of a dog in the middle of the day.  Literally.

4.  I can write into the Diane Rehm show too late to be read on the air.

5.  I can learn to play a simple song badly and sing it to you later if I'm drunk.

6.  I can wash all the dishes in your house.

7.  I can write a story that doesn't really make any sense and doesn't go anywhere but is kind of funny.

8.  I can roll socks.

9.  I can smoke cigarettes even though I don't smoke.

10.  I can chase a cat that looks like a cat I saw in a "Missing Cat" flyer and never catch him.

The end... maybe I'll think of some more.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cheap Cheap

just came home from seeing John Hodgman and my throat hurts from laughter... and also because of something that I'm not sure is the flu.  Here (above) is a picture of the Cheap Fun! show.  I'll post a couple more later.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Thanks to everyone who attended CHEAP FUN last Friday, it was super cheap and super fun.  Thanks also to the fine citizens who donated booze and food.  I will post pictures soon.

More short story zines will be coming as well and will be available to purchase on an online store that has yet to exist.

Here is a sample from one of the stories:

With all Stephen’s education he never learned how to fix his own meals.  Even after he caught his father standing over his bowl of cereal with a saltshaker, gazing vacantly into the milk as it grayed and became bitter.
 –from The Hand That Feeds Him

Oh parents, they sure could fuck you up if they wanted to.