Friday, August 30, 2013

Sneak a peek!

Episode #13 Mister Carlson Gets Deported on Cheap Fun! The Short Story Podcast up this Sunday September 1st.  You won't hear from me again until I'm a married man...

Here's a sneaky peek at the story:
Mr. Carlson was infuriated.  He had more than proven his worth to this country. He had been President and Chief Executive Officer of the Common Bankshares, Inc. since ‘73, and chairman of the board since 1988, among other titles.  Surely this was not the resume of a criminal.  Yes, he had his car impounded in New Hampshire a few years ago after he was found asleep on the side of the road, but there was never anything proven.  Sure he had totaled the Mercedes one summer evening in a rainstorm when he and Millie slid down an embankment into a gushing stream, but Millie had drank more than he and it was the fourth of July, they were entitled!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

No, that ain't no robot penis...

Getting ready to record episode #13 of Cheap Fun! The Short Story Podcast and thought that I should share a pic of the new microphone in all its glory.  Thanks again RAC!  Also thanks to the RAC a brand spanking new app for iPhone and Android devices will soon be available to download.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fun is terrible.

The band I mean!!!!!!!

Fun is FUN!  I like fun.  Studio day is fun.  Lots of work in progress.  Let's take a look see................
From left to right:

-Scottie Pippen's former Miami residence. 

-Two abstracts.  Simpson #1 and Simpson #2.  I forget which is which.

-On the easel another abstract.  No title yet.  Usually abstracts are named after jazz related stuff.  How about Kenny G?

-Becky is being creepy back in the back.  Making a poster appearance soon.

-And finally a super yacht.  Much better than a regular yacht.

Hey did I tell you, you can now use the podcast app on your smart phone to download Cheap Fun! The Short Story Podcast right now?!!??!? OMG, what are you waiting for?  That shit's free man. 

You can also download from or

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Its a very merry un-birthday

One year of the podcast comes to a climax today with a nature study of assholes in the wild.
The podcast is now up on Facebook if you want to check it out there.
Don't poke me.