Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hey dudes

Sooooooo, I do not update this blog... ever.  I do update the blog on my website cheap-fun.com often!

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Friday, August 1, 2014

The honeymoon is over.

Ok, ok, ok, enough lazing around.  BACK TO THE SHOW!  You can subscribe through iTunes dude.  Or listen below.  But now I gotta go.  Rhyming like a toe...  damn it.

Episode #23: Worse.

here's some words:

“...why’d you come back from wherever the fuck you were hiding out.  Everybody was doing fine here without you,” he said.  Dale got the match lit, then puffed on his cigarette ravenously.  It calmed his nerves.  “Doesn’t matter.  And hell, it's probably for the best.  Sometimes a boy is better off without the old man around.  Look how you turned out, me being as attentive as I was.”

“Didn’t have to do with you,” Dale said.  He could hear the old man sigh.

“You may have your mother’s heart, but you’ve got my brains.  I know how you think on a macro level.  Poor judgement, it’s a hereditary disease.  Like baldness or… being poor for that matter.  We are born with it and then we have to learn to manage the symptoms.  I only fucked up one kid’s life, that’s my achievement.”

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


July's episode of Cheap Fun! The Short Story Podcast will be released soon.  I have been out of the country on my honeymoon, and although I was going to force myself to get everything done to be released today I took a note from the europeans and decided to slow my roll a bit (and drink wine instead).  So if you haven't caught up on the latest series of stories now is your chance!  You can stream every episode through this page or...

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

No sadness, no sorrow, no trouble....

Episode #22 sends former detective Robert Gibson back to the gas station, what he finds ain't pretty... this is the fourth part of a series that started with Episode #16 Special Occasion, and continued with parts two and three last month.

Here's a preview to get you going:

Rob felt the pain in his knuckles.  He rubbed his hands together hoping the heat would help, but the storm was coming fast.  Rob lit a cigarette successfully despite the wind and  paused to smoke and think.  Rob assumed the clerk was dead, but he was then overcome with the sense that the boy had not yet reached a point of redemption from whatever depths he had fallen to.  He was working a shit job, and he was trying to make the best with what he had.  He was taking advantage of the chance if that’s what it was.  Rob felt wrong for doubting the clerk.  What he said about the wolves was true enough.  The boy understood evil, maybe because he had been a close party to it recently.  He hadn’t understood enough to avoid it entirely, or else he still underestimated how it could turn on him, being the way young men are.  Now he was dead, or running through the woods with a bullet in him.  He was a true innocent in this case, and Rob had failed him by not seeing the shape of it sooner.

Going on road trip this summer?  Maybe a long flight?
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Thursday, May 1, 2014


The followup to Episode #16: Special Occasion, or Part 1 of this ongoing series.  So if you haven't listened to #16 GO BACK!  Episode #21 features two parts:  Part 2. An Ultimate Good, and Part 3. Things Got Ugly, both of which occur previous to the events in episode #16.

Here's a little advice Dale's father gives him in Part 2:

Don’t get blinded by your ego.  These girls poke us at our weakest points and make us do their bidding.  It is inevitable.  We just got to make sure that if a girl wants us to do their bidding it's for an ultimate good.  Benefits everybody, you see.  Free will is all make believe.  If you weren’t dumb you’d know that by now. 

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Two for Tuesday

Episode #20 has double the umph this month, two stories for the price of one.  
It must be spring in the air.  
You know what happens is spring right?  
You know.  RIGHT?  
Am I right?  
The stories have sex...

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Friday, March 28, 2014

New website

Holy moly, cheap-fun.com is now a thing.  Did you know you can check out all my work there?  Illustrations, paintings, comics, and the podcast is now all in one place.  You should check it out.