Friday, November 4, 2011


This drawing has a new home with the lucky lady Irum Javed.  I hope you two are happy together...

Also I thought I should post a list of qualifications I have as an employee that I may have not included in the resumes and cover letters and work histories and CVs and medical records and IQ tests that I have submitted to various businesses that have not called me back...

1.  I am extremely skilled at drawing semi-nude and nude male celebrities.  I do not draw female nude celebrities because that would be weird.

2.  I have immense amount of talent for organizing files filled with screen shots of television commercials that come on after midnight.

3.  I can walk the shit out of a dog in the middle of the day.  Literally.

4.  I can write into the Diane Rehm show too late to be read on the air.

5.  I can learn to play a simple song badly and sing it to you later if I'm drunk.

6.  I can wash all the dishes in your house.

7.  I can write a story that doesn't really make any sense and doesn't go anywhere but is kind of funny.

8.  I can roll socks.

9.  I can smoke cigarettes even though I don't smoke.

10.  I can chase a cat that looks like a cat I saw in a "Missing Cat" flyer and never catch him.

The end... maybe I'll think of some more.

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