Thursday, April 12, 2012

There ya have it folks...

I got distracted.  Just submitted an audio story to a competition, so I spent a lot of time recording the sounds of my dog sighing and shifting uncomfortably and me cussing at him.  Hopefully I can find a way to post it on here.  The story, not the dog sounds and cussing.

Anyway, been working on a new story "There ya have it folks..." here is a video that helped inspire it.  Here are some words from the story:

“Hey light this,” some goatee guy in a hoody said, holding in front of Sabrina a small cyclinder with the face of the evil man printed on the side.  The radius of a red target made its sights on the center of his tan skull.  Sabrina tapped the burning end of her sparkler, like a fairy god mother tapping a dumpy step child with her wand, and lit the twisted whick that came up out of the evil man’s turban.  The goatee guy set the firework down and stepped away cooly.  The crowd backed away with him and watched.  There was a moment of nothing, then the cylinder burst from the top with the gaudy redness of casino lights, spraying in a volcano of almost electrical looking sparks.  It spit four balls that snapped in two, which was followed by a forceful blue smoke that choked out rather quickly.  The crowd was quiet.  Sabrina could hear her sparkler hissing, and she held it further away from her body.  Then the crowd cheered and closed around.  A few people tried to stomp on the spent cylinder, but they wrapped into one another and tumbled, knocking it over on its side.  The cylinder then rolled to Sabrina’s feet.  She stomped it so viciously, and kicked it so hard that it arched upwards spinning through the air, toward a fat guy with a red beard and a Redskins Jersey, who in turn raised his foot like it were ten thousand pounds.  Sabrina whistled as the man did his own dance on the evil man’s burnt head.  She held her sparkler up in the air until the flame disappeared and the metal stick wilted from the heat. 

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