Friday, August 1, 2014

The honeymoon is over.

Ok, ok, ok, enough lazing around.  BACK TO THE SHOW!  You can subscribe through iTunes dude.  Or listen below.  But now I gotta go.  Rhyming like a toe...  damn it.

Episode #23: Worse.

here's some words:

“...why’d you come back from wherever the fuck you were hiding out.  Everybody was doing fine here without you,” he said.  Dale got the match lit, then puffed on his cigarette ravenously.  It calmed his nerves.  “Doesn’t matter.  And hell, it's probably for the best.  Sometimes a boy is better off without the old man around.  Look how you turned out, me being as attentive as I was.”

“Didn’t have to do with you,” Dale said.  He could hear the old man sigh.

“You may have your mother’s heart, but you’ve got my brains.  I know how you think on a macro level.  Poor judgement, it’s a hereditary disease.  Like baldness or… being poor for that matter.  We are born with it and then we have to learn to manage the symptoms.  I only fucked up one kid’s life, that’s my achievement.”

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