Monday, October 17, 2011


OCTOBER 28th, which is a Friday, which is also the birthdays of such greats as Charlie Daniels and our favorite despot to despise and have nightmares about Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinajagahagajhd (I'm not sure if would actually be considered a despot due to his apparent lack of actual power)... anyway, Friday Oct 28th I will be having an art show at 5949 Kingsbury Avenue here in St. Louis (would you like a map?).  There will be paintings, drawings and all that good stuff as well as some literature zines for a low low low low low price.  There will also be cheap prints for sale so bring your AMEX cards or your unwanted Sacagawea coins.  Free booze and food will be provided.  Here is the cover of the zine-style short story book.

also, if you happen to have picked up my show card and you followed the address to this site and you like what you see, subscribe!  Really, its embarrassing to the blogspot people that only three people read this (one of them being my girlfriend who doesn't actually read it).  And if you don't like it pass the card along to someone who has nothing to do on a Friday night.

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