Friday, October 21, 2011


CHEAP FUN ART SHOW one week from today! October 28th! (check the last post for more details)

I was a bit hungover so I watched CNN this morning, more for a way to numb my brain than anything else.  The sexy news lady was pontificating about whether it was disrespectful the way the rebels in Libya were treating Gaddafi's body... isn't it better to make it apparent to the prospective young dictators of the world that tyranny generally ends with you as a bloody mess?  He looked like if someone took the corpse of Elizabeth Taylor and threw it down a flight of stairs... then shot it.  Just saying, it wasn't very respectful of Muammar to go dictating all over the place in the stylish way he did.

Speaking of dictators, I mentioned in my last post that there will be some zines for sale at CHEAP FUN one of which will be the official fanzine of Vladimir Putin, VLAD!  Come see this beautiful Russian hunk of man in all his glory.

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