Sunday, March 11, 2012

Malfunctioning Man

I have some words for you to read... they are from a story called the second safest city in america.  Teenagers on the rampage and so on, boring stuff.

Is it hard to discern sarcasm from text.  Sometimes I hear it in my head.  I can't tell.  Sarcasm is ephemeral I guess.  For a while people might think you're being funny.  Later on you're just an asshole. What was the point of this blog again?  To archive an asshole.  And so:

I was thinking about airplanes.  More specifically, I was visualizing the bolts up the side of an airplane, like the tacking on a piece of leather furniture.  It’s as thin as skin, the way I think about it.  It had been two years since I had last flown anywhere.  If my family went on vacation, or I was given the chance to do anything that involved air travel, I opted out.  Then I didn’t really think of it as a fear, more of avoidance.  Deferment?  Really, I had lost trust.  I could not accept being held thousands of miles off the ground by a stranger.  

If you start to think about how the mind of a man can simply malfunction, how it can fail and it can do so in such a way that everyone around that man is in danger.  Imagine there is a circle around him, this malfunctioning man, and imagine that circle acts as a sort of destruction radius.  Now that you have this malfunctioning man with his radius of destruction take him and put him on a 747.  Point that 747 toward any large city, then trigger that malfunction (or maybe it was triggered long ago).  You realize that we are all susceptible at any time.  I remember this in detail because it is something I think about even now.  There are people all around us and it doesn’t take much to flip that switch.  At that time though I didn’t understand.  Like I said, I didn’t think of it as fear.  I didn’t trust anyone...

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