Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Night yachting... a little hobby of mine.

figure 1.

 figure 2. 

No man can block the way of progress...

Except for maybe a very fat man.
Or maybe a man who has been crippled in some way.

The painting show is coming together.  Most of what stands in my way is lack of funds.  Two larger paintings are going to get costly, but I guess I need to do some research on how to get grant money.  Other people seem to know how to do it.

Speaking of funds, my new online store will be up and running soon and I plan on having a big sale (prints, drawings) with some other artists sometime before Christmas.  And yes I take debit or credit.

Here is a drawing from my sketchbook from way back when I was not so lucky as to be trampled by progress (although I do need a haircut):

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