Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Seeing you on a foreign continent... dog torturer!

I just finished reading two novels by Peter Handke (A Moment of True Feeling, and The Left-Handed Woman), just in time too for the annual book sale where not only do you get your choice of literally thousands of books for virtually nothing but also free with purchase a nice sampling of dust and mold from the various hovels* these books originated from.  All sorts of good eye scratching and sniffling going on around my house these days.  Also, Katherine scored a page torn from a sixties Playboy magazine tucked away in her copy of Visual Persuasion, The Effect of Pictures on the Subconcious.  She taped that picture up in the dog's crate to help test this effect on dogs.

So far no results.

A short quote from "Visual Persuasion":
The car used to be more masculine than feminine, but in this modern world it is rapidly becoming bisexual.


I found both of these novels a bit difficult, but in a good way.  I like not knowing what the hell an author is doing.  Handke can be a bit repetitive (at least in translation) in description and drag things on a bit but there are truly beautiful moments throughout like little morsels of sugar at the bottom of some perplexingly deep bowl you struggle to get your head into.  These books came out in the 70's so I'm not here selling something new, but worth a read that I just kind of fell into.  To the members of Katherine's now defunct book club I say thank you for having read these books more than a year ago.  

I've moved on to Frank O'Connor, which is to move backwards chronologically.  Putting that lyrical irish voice back in my head that seems to come out in my own writing sometimes, but mostly in a cartoonish leprechaun sort of way.

Anyway I made a short video of the paintings that I am working on right now.  I have a fancy phone now so I can do stuff like that.  I'm trying to post it but the damn thing won't work and the line between me getting annoyed at a computer and throwing it out a window is thin so I will post a picture for now.

These are all paintings in progress.

*I describe the homes the books came from as "hovels" not to insult the former owners, but rather to capture for the reader the stench of wet earth that emits from their pages.


  1. According to today's NY Times obituary, Playboy photographed Phyllis Diller naked as a parody centerfold, but she had such a smokin' hot body that it wasn't funny, so they scrapped it. I want to see it!